The combination of running and eating seem to have balanced out as I’m exactly the same weight as I was yesterday, there was no happy weight loss dance whilst I made my bacon omelette breakfast but there was no weight gain sadness either

Dress Down

Today is dress down day and for reasons of laziness I find that really irritating. On a normal day I slap on the suit and don’t have to think about it. The only choice I have to make in the morning is which tie to wear. On a dress down day I have to think what to wear. It can’t be too scruffy, but outside of work “too scruffy” is mainly what I wear. I don’t have any smart clothes and the whole concept of smart casual is completely lost on me. I worked out a combination of clothes that would fit the bill but I had to have a second cup of tea after all of that thought power. I’m back to the no thought suit on Monday, one less choice to make in the morning.


I resisted the call of the chocolate for longer than I thought I would but left the house with the taste of chocolate in my mouth


Friday is report day and everyone around me wants to “deliver positive messages” which considering that the project is stalling worse than a learner driver is a little tricky. They keep asking me to do silly things so that they can make their reports look better. I keep refusing. They don’t like me today.


I rarely fall asleep on the train, if at all so I was quite surprised how quickly the journey when, One moment I was leaving the station near work and then a few minutes later I was pulling into my home station my mouth was very dry.

The Hungers

They came over me the moment I walked in the door. The need to consume was all powerful. It may have had something to do with the fact that I didn’t really have any proper food in the house. The problem becomes what to eat without doing lasting harm to my waistline. It started well but then I saw the blue cheese lurking in the fridge. I’d forgotten all about but now there it was, tempting me to eat it. I made short work of demolishing it

Moonlight Swim

Even though I was tired and full of unsuitable food I still wanted to go swimming. I’m not sure how sensible that was but I went anyway. The water was warm, warm enough for me to get away with the neoprene shorts. As the light went the swim became magical, the water went from clear and brown to inky black and the light from the shore got brighter and brighter. The last few laps were wonderful. I felt like the only person in the lake breaking into virgin still water. I was so glad I came.


I got home a lot later than my usual bed time but didn’t feel sleepy. I sat in from of the television sipping a whisky until I became nicely drowsy. I’ll pay for it in the morning.


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