At some point I realised that the radio was on, it was then that I realised the alarm had gone off quite a while ago. The panic set in until I glanced at the clock. I had time to get ready but not enough for breakfast. This was alright as I was still full from the post swim snack of soup and a roll at the reservoir last night. I managed to get out of the door on time but spiritually I was still in bed.


I managed to muddle my way through coaching the swim set. It wasn’t a complicated set so it was easy to explain. I like to include visualisations when I’m explaining and today they all seemed to centre around food. This is what happens when I skip breakfast.


I write a shopping list so that I don’t fill my basket with weird and wonderful things that look nice. It means that I have a vague plan about what I’m eating over the next week. It also means that I use everything I buy. I have a real hate of throwing food away. For this reason, I plan meals for one day less than I need and on the last day I use up whatever is left. Sometimes this means the last day is a little lean. Food shopping when hungry is hard. Things start talking to me from the shelves and want me to take them home. I used all my powers to resist but the resistance had worn down by the end of the store. At least they were small chocolate bars.


I started my adventures with weeds and spikey things after I had lunch. It was probably a bad Idea to attack the brambles wearing shorts and sandals but it is summer and it is the uniform of summer. The brambles put up a bit of a fight but their resistance was futile against the shears of destruction. It took a while but now the back boarder and hedge are looking much neater. I celebrated success by cutting the lawn to within a millimetre of its life. The back garden was now officially done for another week. This called for a cup of tea.


I sat down on the sofa with my cup of tea and that is when the late night and lack of sleep caught up with me. An hour went by in the blink of an eye and my tea was suddenly cold. It was about now I realised that I wouldn’t be going running this afternoon. Rest and relaxation was really what was called for.

More Gardening

My adventures with weeds and spikey things continued in the front garden. The bushes and creeper had been growing at a rapid rate and where looking a little unruly. I’d borrowed a hedge trimmer from my neighbour and it made short work of hacking everything back into conformity.


Saturday night is… Ironing night. I flattened a weeks’ worth of shirts purely because they were there and it was better than sitting on the sofa staring blankly at the television. I did that once I fished the ironing.


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