There is something wonderful about a lie in and today for the second Sunday in a row I was having a lie in. It was glorious. It was a shame that forces of nature forced me out of bed.


I had my usual Sunday breakfast of poached eggs on toast and then set about doing very little. This consisted of a little bit of admin, some half-hearted cleaning and drinking a lot of tea. Sometimes occasionally doing what other people always do on a Sunday is a good thing.


The tiredness crept over me. One moment I was doing very nothing down stairs, the next I felt the irresistible urge to lie on my bed. An hour and a half later I came round feeling a little dazed and confused. Where had the time gone, how had I become so tired. I felt a lot better for having been asleep. The cat on the other hand was rather annoyed that I was no longer providing her with a warm place to sleep.


It took a while to get into a running frame of mind but with the aid of an apple and a cup of tea I finally got there. I took my usual long run route over dry hill and around the airfield mainly as I have no imagination. There had been work going on since the last time I been this way. The fields of long grass had been cut back making the running much easier. The overgrown path was still over grown and full of plants that wanted to inflict me with bodily damage but at least a few people have attempted to trample them down. In the end I really quite enjoyed the run. It didn’t feel like I’d done it any quicker than usual but according to my watch and my records it was the second fastest time in recent times. It might be something to do with the weight loss.


I celebrated my run with a bowl of pasta and pesto topped with fresh courgettes directly from my mother’s garden. It filled a hole and tasted good. A while later after all the clearing up was done I slipped a bar of chocolate into my diet as well. I must have used enough calories to justify it.


By the end of the evening I had done everything on my weekend list, I was sitting in a tidy house with a well-manicured garden and it felt good. It’s very rare I ever get to this point. I almost had a glass of whisky to celebrate but I was far too tired so I went to bed instead.


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