Yesterday’s run made getting up difficult. My legs felt used but more worrying was the tendonitis that left me hobbling around for the first half hour of the day. At least the cake binge didn’t show at this morning’s weigh in

Nasal Mining

The man opposite me on the train was indulging in what can only be described as nasal mining. His little finger was thrust into his nostril up about his elbow. After exploring every nook and cranny he slowly removed in and then tasted it. I tried not to notice by concentrating on reading my book but it didn’t help


My German lesson was a bit of a disaster. I’d done some tests and the results showed that my ability to use the past tense had waned over the past few months. I need to put some more effort into it but my motivation to study languages is not very high at the moment. I really want to speak and write in German but I find it hard to actually do the study and the practice now I am not subjected to German on a daily basis.


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