The club set this morning was a time trail, the results of the time trail are used to calculate threshold paces. Even though I have a big swim tomorrow I felt that this was an important set as it sets a bench mark for the next eight weeks or so. It turned out that my threshold pace was the same as last time.


Food shopping is alright as long as I’m not hungry. I’d not had breakfast and I’d been swimming. This is not a good combination and can almost guarantee that a few things not on the list will find their way into my basket. This time it was a bar or three of chocolate and a packet of brazil nuts. I ate the brazil nuts on the way home.


I’d planned to have an easy day today but I find doing nothing very hard to do unless I’m at work. There I’m paid to do nothing. The house is now cleaned and polished. This is what happens when I have nothing else to do.


Doing the ironing before dark and before dinner are almost unheard of in my world. The problem is that everything else was done. At least I can watch you tube videos whilst I’m doing it.


It has to be pasta. The night before a big event it has to be pasta. It is part of the routine. I had pasta shells, threw in some chopped pitted olives, mixed in some pesto and topped it with some freshly picked green beans that had been cooked for the minimum of time to make them slightly soft. I like it simple, there is not point getting complicated the night before an event. I always have a beer or a whisky the night before, it helps me sleep.


I’ve got to be up at silly o’clock, I need to go to bed early


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