I had an extra ten minutes in bed this morning due to a train strike. On any other day it would have been an annoyance but today it was a blessing. My arms weren’t too happy and lifting them above shoulder height was not an option. The tiredness was all encompassing and made any actions a trial by aching. I made my usual visit to the scales to find that the BBQ food had more than compensated for the energy consumed during the swim. I’m sure that the needle will move down the scales over the next few days as my body goes about the business of getting back to normal, whatever normal actually is.


The journey to work was no more crowded than usual, I’m guessing that a lot of people had decided to “work from home”.


I managed to get through the day doing very little. I was tired and the world could get on without me today. I needed sleep.


I was still hungry after dinner. I waited a while bit the feeling didn’t go away. Suddenly dry muesli seemed like a good idea. There was nothing else. The first mouthful filled a hole but I kept going back to the packet to empty raw muesli into my mouth. I knew it was bad but I kept on doing it. This is why I very rarely buy Muesli.


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