I got out of bed fifteen hours after climbing in and felt much better for it. I’d decided that I wasn’t going to work today regardless of how I felt. Despite not eating yesterday I had no desire to eat. I had a cup of tea and a shower, but not at the same time, and felt much better. A day of doing nothing in the comfort of my own home seemed to me to be the best option.


One of the better side effects of a stomach bug is that my weight has dropped massively. I’m now a hundred grams from normal. All the gains of the weekend have been effectively negated by the bug. A small thing I know but anything positive is worth grasping at. It’s not a weight loss method I would recommend though.


I left some old cat food on the side yesterday, intending to throw it away and wash the bowl sometime today. The food in the bowl Was moving this morning. It was teeming with maggots; maggots that are at this very moment being eaten by birds.


My sister dropped round with the health restoring gift of chocolate this afternoon. There is only one way to find out whether my stomach is ready for such treats.


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