Today I’m back in the normal range so it was time to deploy the happy weight loss dance whilst taking my morning shower. At least my recent brush with ‘Thames Fever’ had had one positive effect. I’ve no idea how long it will last.


I was driving around the ring road when the traffic started to slow down. I wasn’t far from the junction so I assumed that it was just some Friday night silliness. The Ambulance told me that it wasn’t. We ground to a halt. Ahead I could see emergency vehicles and lots of flashing blue lights. None of the emergency workers were in the least bit concerned that I was being held up. A few minutes later the air ambulance arrived. The incident must be serious, there was no point in leaving the engine running. After a while the police ushered us onto the other carriageway. The road was going to be closed for quite a while.


I like Thai food. More precisely I like the food that is served in Thai restaurants. We were out celebrating and a Thai meal seemed fitting mainly because my brother likes Indian food and I prefer Chinese so we compromised on the cuisine of a country that is not between the two in terms of geography.


I like Brandy, my brother knows this. We ended the evening at his place drinking it. It makes me sleep.


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