After all the entertaining I’d moved back in to the overweight category again. I thought about skipping breakfast whilst I ate my toast but decided against it on the grounds that I’d finished it before the though occurred to me.


Two satsumas, one apple and one banana is not a wholesome lunch. If I’d had some money with me (removed from wallet to stop me buying crisps) I would have gone to the shop and purchased something laden with meat and calories.


I had a meeting in the last hour of the day today. I don’t like meetings at this time as they normally start late and overrun. I don’t like leaving the office later than is really necessary. I don’t mind if other people are willing to work into the evening that, after all, is their prerogative but it’s not something I do by choice. If I need to work longer I much prefer to start earlier than to work later. I could tell it was going to be a long meeting as we had a “guest” from head office, someone who loves the sound of his own voice and basks in the light of his own self-importance.  We have worked together in the past, although describing it as together is stretching the meaning of together to almost braking point. I have very little time for him and the feeling is often mutual. He managed to make the meeting overrun by half an hour by repeating himself. His name is now in red and underlined in my book of people who will be put against the wall come the revolution.


I got to the platform as my train was leaving. The next train going in my direction was delayed and I had a note in my wallet. This lead to a bout of wanton crisp eating. Just when I thought I’d broken the habit the confluence of events forced it back with a vengeance.


My sister is away again so I’m on bin duty, this time it is the brown bins that need to go out. At least the dinner can cook in the oven whilst I’m feeding fish, watering plant and putting the bins out.


I had moussaka for tea. My loved one made it from the remnants of Saturdays meal. It made a tasty change to eating salad during the week. We followed it with freshly picked blackberries and cream. This is the height of extravagance for a school night.


A message late in the evening led to a flurry of making arrangements. We will have a guest tomorrow night.


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