Remarkably I’m a kilo lighter since yesterday. My daily fluctuations in weight are a mystery to me. I looked around the bed to see if I could find a kilo of lard but it seems that I didn’t leave any there. As I’m still a few hundred grams above normal there was no happy weight loss dance this morning but I did enjoy my scrambled eggs on toast with and extra rasher of bacon before heading out into the world of work.


It’s been another day of feeling like I’ve not really done much. I hate days like this. I’d much rather be doing things but at the moment I feel that I’m floundering around in a mire with very little control or influence over what is happening around me. It’s not much fun


My guest was arriving at a railway station at half past six. I got home at six. The railway station was twenty minutes away. This should have given me enough time to get changed and go. It wasn’t enough time to have a cup of tea. I had a cup of tea anyway. This gave me enough time to be late. I blamed it on the traffic as blaming it on a cup of tea would be a bit odd. In the end the train was slightly delayed so I got to the station at the right time.


We went out for a Thai meal. The restaurant had been recommended to me, the food was nice but the service was a bit slow. It left plenty of time for chatting and arguing over the bill. At the end of the meal I was alone at the table whilst the others were doing things in the rest room; things that probably didn’t include resting; I didn’t ask. I sat there listening to conversation going on behind me. It was about martial arts but it sounded like boasting to me. The gist of it was that the form of martial art followed by the person at the table was so much better than some other form of the same martial art. At one point he was claiming to leave an opponent from the other form wondering what had happened and this was followed by stating that his frail seventy year old teacher could “throw him out of the window”. It all sounded like a dialogue from a movie, right up to the point where he said it was “not like the Hollywood movies portray”. It sounded like bravado and arrogance to me.


I didn’t mean to go to bed late, it was just that there was a race on the television that I wanted to watch. It was on quite late and kept getting delayed. The man I was supporting won but it did mean dropping into bed far too late for a school night. I knew I was going to regret it in the morning.


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