Getting up this morning wasn’t pretty. I’d gone to bed far too late and now I was paying for it. On the other hand, the scales showed only a minor increase. I thought that it would be a lot more considering that I’d eaten out the night before.


I went for a stroll at lunchtime to see what the outside world looks like and to buy some sugar. I’ve not been out at lunchtime since I started work here, mainly because there are lots of shops that don’t really interest me all concentrated together in a couple of shopping centres. I wandered around aimlessly looking for the sugar. I found that any shop where the name ended in express or metro could be filed under “selling sandwiches and not much else” and that I still detest shopping centres. Eventually I found the sugar I was looking for but that was at the expense of eating a huge packet of crisps. Walking around at lunch time pays havoc with my diet.


Half way through dinner I had that feeling, that I’m going to be ill feeling. Suddenly the feeling go worse and I started to sweat. This was not good. I headed for the loo. I wasn’t actually sick but it was a close run thing. I suspect that the milk in the cup of tea I had when I got home was to blame. It tasted a bit funny. I threw the rest of the milk away and felt instantly better.


My loved one had been picking blackberries again. We had enough to make some jam and this is why I’d been hunting for sugar in the middle of the day. I enjoy making jam mainly because it’s very easy and makes the kitchen smell good. I cheat by using Jam sugar, the stuff that has pectin added. This almost guarantees that the jam will set and means that I can employ my usual slap dash approach to cooking. It took half an hour to have six pots of jam slowly setting and cooling on the kitchen counter. The house smelt of blackberries. All was right with the world.


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