I’m sure it was the large packet of crisps that did the damage, but I’m heavier than yesterday. I vaguely remember a chocolate bar and a cake being consumed as well. I really should exercise some more self-control. I doubt there will be a happy weight loss dance for quite a while.

Chewing gum

I don’t like chewing gum, the idea of food that you can’t swallow feels odd to me. Much as I detest it to eat I hate it even more when someone’s ejected chewing gum gets stuck to my shoe. I spent the morning sticking to the floor and lifting carpet tiles.


I’d not been for a run for quite a while and my enthusiasm for running was waning a little. The problem with not running is that I don’t burn off all those unintentional extras that come my way during the day. Today it had been some savoury biscuits that someone had left around the office. It took a cup of tea and a lot of persuasion but I made it out of the door and round my short course. Once I started I quite enjoyed it and I whipped round rather quickly. If only I could summon the enthusiasm genie before I start.


My brother in law does good food. My sister had invited us over for a meal and he was in charge of the food. He managed to make a Thai fish curry and a lamb curry from “things he found in the fridge”. They all tasted wonderful. I was in awe of his culinary skills.


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