I didn’t feel like breakfast, we had eaten late last night and I was still full. The scales told the story quite well. My body had failed to convert the totality of the food into carbon dioxide. A slice of toast and jam would suffice


I got a message from my loved one saying we needed more jam sugar. This could only mean she had been picking more blackberries. I went for a stroll around the hideousness that is the local shopping mall. I bought the sugar and accidently bought a small packet of chocolate biscuits as well. I slowly worked my way through the packet as I wandered around the lacklustre and tatty mall. In its time it was the jewel I the crown of the town but that was a very long time ago.


I have friends that send me details of events I might be interested in. One of those e-mails arrived today. It was a very tempting event. I might enter


The evening was very short. The fun and games of the last few days caught up with me and before I knew it I was in bed on the verge of sleep. Another wild Friday night.

Flying Visit

My friend popped round to return a sander and tow float; she also asked if I was interested in the event. In a rash moment of stupidity, I said yes. I think I may have committed myself to enter a high profile swimming thing.


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