I really should have looked at the session before I went to the pool. That way I would have decided that staying in bed would have been a better option. It was an anaerobic endurance set, this means lots of short hard efforts with bouts of heavy breathing in between. This is not my favourite thing. This is why I don’t look at the session before I go to the pool. After an hour of fast swimming and gasping for breath it was all over. My arms felt considerably longer and heavier. The cup of hot chocolate was very welcome

Food Shopping

I’d made a list. Mainly because I knew that I would not have any breakfast before swimming and that would make me hungry. Food shopping whilst hungry guarantees that the basket will fill with sticky treats rather than the usual wholesome fare that I would put in the basket when I’m thinking sensibly.


My loved one needed a hat so we had to visit a shopping mall. I find it very hard to work up any enthusiasm for wandering around shopping malls. I didn’t need anything and the chances of a shopping mall offering anything that I wanted and was willing to buy were vanishingly small. Eventually she found the hat and we headed away from the terrible place.


As a consolation prize we went to the cinema. I love the cinema, sitting in the big chair feeding myself salted popcorn and enjoying the big screen. There is nothing like it. We didn’t leave until the lights went up and were rewarded for our persistence by an extra bit at the very end of the film. It’s always worth sitting though the credits, even if the cinema has emptied before they are done.


We had salmon for dinner, marinated it stuff, it was the same thing that we served guests last week only this time it was with all the ingredients that should have been in the marinade. We had it with coleslaw and boiled potatoes. I like meals like that. Simple to prepare and very tasty.


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