The weekend had taken its toll, that much was evident from the scales this morning. I knew that I’d be a little heaver; there was no way that I could have had three servings of pudding and not been, but I wasn’t prepared for the amount I had gained. I just had a slice of toast for breakfast.

The Thing

The thing had another layer of complication added to it today. I had to make a phone call to an official body and they calmly informed me that I needed to provide another wad of documentation and part with more fees. Whenever I feel that I have got to grips with the thing it throws another layer of complexity at me. This one has resulted in arranging for a wad of documents to be transported half way round the world. The thing is not easy.


The day dragged, there were a few meetings that I had to attend and they provided a little diversion to actually working but on the whole the day slipped by as if it was running on treacle. I was glad when the time came to leave the office and grab some sleep on the train.


I had no intention of running this evening. Deep down I felt a pang of guilt about this but I knew that I just didn’t have the motivation this evening to enjoy it. Loved one and I went for a walk over the fields instead. I’ve not been over to the fields for a very long time as I no longer have a dog. This time the paths were dry and the hedgerows were full of berries ready to be picked. The stroll took a bit longer than I intended so we ended up doing the last bit in the dark. Had I stuffed a note in my pocket we could have visited the pub. I hadn’t, so we had a glass of something warming at home.


I was in bed a lot earlier than normal, I was asleep almost instantly


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