The alarm made a very unwelcome intrusion into my happy sleepy world this morning. I lay there on the bed wishing that I’d had the presence of mind to set it to go off a little later. I stayed there as long as I could and then a little longer. Today was going to be a long day.


The scales told a horror story this morning. I skipped breakfast in favour of a shower


I had a meeting today that I really didn’t want to be in. I’d been fretting about it for the last few days. In the end it wasn’t that bad. We covered the actual issue in a couple of minutes and then went onto other related topics. Like most of these difficult meetings it was harder in my imagination than it was in practice.


The problem with having a large bag of Haribo lurking in my desk draw is that it’s very easy to just take one, then another, then another. The packet was almost empty by the end of the day and IO was feeling a little sickly.

The Thing

An expensive piece of paper arrived today that stated officially that I was a good person with no criminal convictions. Another part of the jigsaw has fallen into place. All I need now is to get it scanned and that particular thread is finished.


My loved one and I had been invited out from a meal. My loved one had spent the day looking at historic buildings and being entertained by my parents. I met them at the pub, eating was the last thing I really wanted to do but after a beer I managed to persuade my system that it could take on a bit of Cajun style Salmon. I shared a starter and skipped the dessert. I was tired after a day at work and being sociable was an effort.


I went home via my sister’s house to find that I’d put the bins out on the wrong day. I need a holiday


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