I avoided the scales this morning as they are only going to tell me bad things, I know that I’ve been rather indulgent over the last few days and I know what the result will be. I feel an enforced period of being rather peckish coming on even though I know that I’ll be going out for another meal tonight.


There were a few left in the packet that I had oh so carefully put into my desktop filing system (or “The Pile” as it is informally known) and it seemed more than sensible to eat them so that temptation was removed rather than leave them there to talk to me.


I like a pub quiz and as I had visitors it seemed rude not to drag them along to the pub. We had to have a meal before for the full pub experience. We successfully achieved our goal of coming “not last” by the simple expedient of getting some of the answers correct and others nearly correct. My loved one yet again proved that she could walk into a place that she had never visited and find someone from her home town or with some other link to her.


It was another late night. I will pay for this in the morning


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