We had to be up early today for logistical reasons and breakfast. Today’s breakfast surprise was small squares of cheese on toast. It was a bit odd but this is a foreign land with strange ways. I was still revelling in having cake for breakfast.


The highlight of the day was a crossing between two islands. Loved one was looking forward to this and was very upset to have missed it. All crossings start by touching the land before heading out to sea. This one was no exception. As we moved forward to seabed got further and further away until it couldn’t be seen. We just kept going, in a straight line hanging above to featureless void. Eventually the seabed returned marking the beginning of the end. We headed for a small beach. I was on the far left of the group, exactly where the jellyfish where. The sting was sudden, sharp and totally unexpected. A sting of expletives that were completely uncomplimentary about jellyfish and their place in the animal kingdom left my mouth at high volume. They contrasted with the beauty of the beach very nicely.


The lunchtime activity was guess the origin of the cheese. We were presented with five cheeses three made from sheep’s milk, one from goat’s milk and one from cow’s milk. All we had to do was guess which one was which by tasting them. We all failed.


During the afternoon swim I pondered how things in the sea were named. I came to the conclusion that it’s normally done by prefixing a similar land based object with the word sea, for example: Seaweed, sea cucumber, sea slug, sea urchin etc. It’s quite lazy really. I’m surprised we didn’t come across sea fish…


We returned to the news that loved one’s finger was broken in two places, I refrained from asking which too places. She had already worked out a way to cover the dressings so that she could swim the next day.


We whiled away the evening in a restaurant just down the road from the hotel. The service was slow but the food was nice. I was told that the wine was excellent too but I had beer.


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