It was another day of cake for breakfast. one part of me could get very used to this concept however another part of me could get very large, something I’ve been trying to counter for a long time.


We travelled to the far north of the archipelago today. the swim started innocently enough with a crossing of the donkey passage. it was no more than a hundred meters but it counted as a crossing. we carried on along the coast, sticking close to the rocky shoreline. it was perfect swimming. lots to see and lots of interesting bays to explore. as we neared the headland the water started to become a little more choppy and challenging. This was much more fun. It was fun right up to the point the jellyfish stung me. After the customary string of expletives i looked around to see many of the evil brainless creatures hanging about with malcontent. it was time to leave the water.


After lunch we played feeding bread to the fish. it didn’t take long to attract a selection of the local fish. They made the bread dance on the water as they repeatedly took bites from the crusts we had thrown.


our post lunch walk was up to the old lighthouse. it had been abandoned years ago and despite attempts at restoration it had fallen into a state of disrepair. it was a shame to see a once magnificent in such a state of decline. I had to remind myself that this was another country and things are done differently.


The afternoon swim was around the other side of the island. the side that would hopefully not be infested by the evil jellies. It took us along the coast and below the lighthouse. from below the lighthouse looked even more impressive.


as it was our last night the entire group went out for a meal. there was so much food! the antipasti consisted of dots of sea food on a large white plate. the purple potato was odd. next came the pasta, laced with clams. this was a seafood lovers delight but definitely not kosher. The fish was next. It was presented to the group before two waiters took it to a table in the corner to strip the cooked flesh from the bones. I’ve no idea what type of fish it was but it tasted like fish. I’m not really a fish expert, most fish I eat is surrounded by bread crumbs or batter. Just in case we hadn’t had enough there was panacotta to finish.

Ice cream

We didn’t need the ice cream from the best ice cream shop in town, but as we were passing it seemed rude not to, especially after all the recommendations the others had given it. We waddled home happy and rotund.


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