I missed todays breakfast surprise and went straight for the pistachio cake. I’m getting used to having cake for breakfast and it’s going to be a shock to the system when I return to normality.


The boat took us to an island in the south of the archipelago. The plan was to swim southwards towards a jetty. It was another lovely swim in clear waters past wind sculpted granite. Fish went about their fishy business and we splashed about on the top of the water. There were a few evil jellies floating by but nothing too painful. Near the end of the swim we passed a cove with a sandy beach. It was packed with people. It was obviously the place to be on this island. I did wonder if they knew about the spikey sea urchins lurking on the margins. I’ve been told that they are very painful to stand on. I’ve been avoiding that experience. it’s much easier to avoid than a jellyfish sting as sea urchins don’t move that fast.


After lunch and some dedicated resting, the guide took us for a tour of the fort on the southernmost tip of the island. The fort had seen a lot of use, it was built in the late nineteenth century and then seen use in the world wars and then by NATO. It now lay forlorn and abandon. Apparently it was still used for military training but as a few people mentioned it was rife for renovation and could make a very interesting hotel.


The afternoon swim as a short crossing to the adjacent island and then a circumnavigation of the island. The crossing was short and we never really lost sight of the bottom. At one point we had to stop and let a few yachts pass. They were bigger than us after all. The other side of the island had a surprise for us. It was a warm shallow bay with perfect blue water. We spent a lot of time there splashing about and enjoying the water.


We visited a local fish restaurant this evening. It had sea urchin on the menu, we thought it should be renamed spikey spaghetti.



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