Some of the others, but not many, got up for an early morning swim. i rolled over and slept for a little longer. i felt that I’d done enough swimming this week and didn’t need to get out of bed for one last swim.


Our original plan had been to get to our next destination by public transport but the reality of the situation would have required three busses and a long time sitting down. Hiring a car was a better option. Only one of us their licence. driving in an unfamiliar car on the other side of the road with three back seat drivers and a lot of luggage was entertaining in a retrospective way.


our hotel was in a church in the old town. the rooms were an improvement on monk’s cells but after the luxury of the last hotel they seemed a little basic. th situation though was fantastic. We were in the centre of the old town surrounded by the life of a thriving holiday town and sea side resort.


After a visit to the tourist office for maps and other bit of paper we took a stroll down the main street to sample the ambiance of the place. The town was slowly coming alive as the mid-day heat gave way to the cool of the afternoon. It really was too hot to walk any distance so we found a cafe and settled into some serious people watching accompanied by a beer and a bite to eat.


Later in the evening after a nap and a wash to take away the stains of the day we joined the throng wandering along the city walls to watch the sun set over the headland. It was worth waiting for. The sun put on a spectacular show in the dying moments of the day.


We stumbled into one of the water front restaurants for a bite to eat. As always i went for the pasta. I feel it’s only right. As the area was famed for sea food I just selected the item on the menu that contained fish sounding words that I vaguely recognised. It may not be the method of selecting a dish but it works for me.


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