we took breakfast in the cloister. writing that makes me smile. We sat on the first floor of the cloister drinking tea and eating small bread rolls with sliced meats and cheeses. It felt right.


Last night we had booked ourselves on a tourist cruise to the local caves. The entrance to the cave was at sea level. we could have driven and walked down the three hundred and sixty-five steps but that would have involved effort. We were on holiday now. The cruise took us past the limestone headlands and right to the entrance of the cave. The journey was accompanied by a commentary pointing out the local sights. The accented English was so impenetrable. I actually understood more or the French and German commentary.


Our boat load of tourists filled the entrance of the caves but once the formalities of buying a ticket had been completed we were ushered round the formations and given time to take photos despite the prominent no photography signs.


After an exhausting mornings sightseeing, sleeping though the heat of early afternoon seemed like a sensible option. There was no point in rushing about when we didn’t need too.


The evening started with drinks in the blue sky bar, a bar at the top of a hotel with wonderful views across the old town and harbour. We sat there watching the sunset whilst nibbling on a selection of small bites and sipping drinks. It was a good way to start the evening.


we selected a different restaurant on the water front for our evening meal. I went for the pasta again but the others decided to try the local pork dish. It looked like roast pork to me. I had a very messy sea food spaghetti. That’s the problem with a lot of seafood, it requires some skill and dexterity to eat. I lack both.


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