We took our last breakfast in the cloister, the others we were with had left so we shared a very leisurely breakfast. There was no rush, nearly everything was packed and there was just a long drive ahead. I had an extra custard filled croissant to make sure I was fortified for the journey.


We used all the technology at our disposal to navigate ourselves across the island. However, it turned out that the traditional method of following road signs was the most effective. The satnav was more than confused by the road works we kept tripping over.

Ice Cream

We got to our destination in plenty of time so we slipped into the town for a little stroll in the sun. This was so much better than sitting in an airport lounge. We quickly found the main street and wandered aimlessly around until we found an ice cream shop. This would probably be our last chance to sample Italian ice cream for a long time

Technical difficulties

I fiddled with my table whilst waiting for the plane but it soon became obvious that I’d lost everything that I’d written whilst I was on holiday. It was of course the best holiday blog ever but now I would have to scrape the depts. Of my memory and recreate it all. I was not happy


A nice cup of tea and a welcoming cat makes coming home tolerable after a lovely holiday


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