Ruined Village

Our first port of call today was a ruined village. There were lots of interpretation boards around showing things as people thought they would have been. It dawned on me that these were just educated guesses and that they could be very wrong. If my house was discovered after many years how would it be interpreted?

View point

Next we took to car to a view point and gazed wistfully out to sea. It was a shame that everyone else was doing the same. Tourism would be so much better without all the tourists but that is never going to happen

Hill walk

We parked the car next to the national park information centre and started on one of the suggested walks. If we had been sensible we would have avoided walking at the hottest part of the day but none of us thought of that until we reached the top and the sweat was dripping off of us. As is traditional the clouds came over just as we reached the top.


We joined the Italians doing the beach thing on a crowded public beach, we had a short swim to cool down but when the disco started we decided to leave.


We started the evening in the blue sky bar as we liked it so much last night. The second visit disn’t disappoint. The view of the setting sun was even better than last night.

Fish Meal

We had booked a table at one of the recommended fish restaurants. I’m sure that the starter would have been lovely if it weren’t for the fact that nearly every element of it contained celery. I hate celery. For the main course I went for a fishy pasta dish that made up for the disappointing starter. I was too full for a desert.


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