I sat in a waiting room for all of the morning whilst my loved one’s hand was being treated. There was a teacher there who had injured her finger whilst making a bed and in another room there was a conversation about power tools that seemed to go on for ages. I had no idea that there was so much to say about power tools. One woman kept reappearing in the waited room and I’m sure that the bandage round her had got larger each time she came in. Waiting rooms lack entertainment for an extended stay.


Mum was out of hospital and at home, she now had to suffer Dad’s cooking. We decided to take a Chinese take away to them as a diet of scrambled eggs or baked beans on toast can get very monotonous


We left late for the drive down to Devon. There was no point being caught in the peak time traffic. Leaving late led to empty roads and easy navigation around road closures. We navigated the traditional way, with a map, a torch and vague instructions. It all worked beautifully and we arrived tired but in once piece. We celebrated with beer and cheese


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