The sea was a bit choppy this morning. It made getting in a little bit tricky. I wasn’t completely sure of myself in the water and it took a while to get used to the waves. After years of practicing breathing on both sides I now had to breath on just one side, the side I would never have breathed on. This made for a few mouthfuls of salt water. Once I got used to the conditions it was became more fun but I was really glad that I had my loved one on the beach spotting me and giving me directions. Getting out of the water was also entertaining.

Crab Sandwich

We sat outside to eat the post swim crab sandwich, we had been recommended the crab sandwich so it was only right to have one.


What came first, the open top bus or the enclosed top bus? It seems obvious that the enclosed came first until you think of cars, the first ones were open to the elements. So it’s possible that the open top bus came first. We spent a long time behind an open top bus.


We spent a happy few hours wandering around Lyme Regis looking for fossils. There were plenty of pensioners but they weren’t old enough to be classed as fossils. It was far too windy and the threat of rain kept us away from the cliffs where actual fossils could be found. We made do with folk music and crepes instead.


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