The sea was smooth and the sun was out so I went for a swim this morning. I started at the yacht club and slowly made my way along to the other end of the promenade. The water didn’t seem quite so smooth once I was in it and it did feel like hard work but I managed to travel along at walking pace. I know that as my loved one was walking along the shore ready to leap in and save me if I got into trouble. I was a little worried about getting caught in the fishermen’s lines but my loved one gave them “the look” which ensured I wouldn’t get tangled.

Bacon Sandwich

The café at the end of the promenade sold a very welcome bacon sandwich which I washed down with a cup of hot chocolate. Some of the patrons had seen me swimming and wanted to know all about it, what could I say? It wasn’t that cold and the conditions were good for a splash about.

A la Ronde

We visited a sixteen-sided house full of shells. It was built to house curios from a grand tour in the late nineteenth century and then modified by a Victorian gent to have heating and speaking tubes. It was all very interesting. We rounded off the tour with a cream tea that we shared with the wasps.

Budleigh Salterton

I’ve always thought that Budleigh Salterton would make a good name for an upper class English detective from the 1930’s. It’s also a very nice sea side town full of things that need to have their photos taken.

Ladrum Bay

A long time ago, when I was an immortal youngster I visited Ladrum Bay to climb the sea stacks. It was a character building experience and one that I’ve never repeated. It looked just as scary many years on. I had no desire to repeat the experience.


We stopped in Beer to drink a beer, I doubt we are unique.


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