It was raining when I woke up. I went to the top window and looked at the sea. It was very wobbly, with white bits. It did not fill me with joy. In fact the thought of going for a swim evaporated and I went back to bed. Much as I love swimming I have no desire for my obituary to read “he died doing something he loved…”


We had done most of the packing the night before, well we had intended to do most of the packing the night before. Going back to bed didn’t help the efficiency of the packing. We needed to be out of the house at a certain time so that we could meet friends in Bath. We left later than intended, there was no way we would meet them at the prearranged time. There was no point even trying.


We relied on the satnav to get us there supplemented with the use of the roadmap. As we go closer we decided to confess our lateness and ring our friends, it was then we found out that they were caught in traffic and would not be there in time. The pressure was off. All we had to do was find somewhere to park and somewhere to meet.


We needed sustenance and after having a beer in Beer we decided to have a bath bun in Bath. It was probably not original but I don’t care.


We finally met up outside of the cathedral and beside the Roman Baths. We took a stroll round the cathedral to ensure an adequate consumption of culture before taking a long time to find a café. Then the talking began, we chatted over tea and cakes for a very long time. We could have continued but Loved One and I had another person to meet.


We ended up in a pub with the most spectacular view. We sat on the terrace looking over the valley whilst eating fish and chips (me) and pork belly (the others). It was a good way to round off the holiday


It was a long dull drive down a long dull motorway to get home. I had a getting home mentality. No stopping, no waiting just keep going until I reach the front door.


The first cup of tea is always the best. I had a beer as well on the grounds that it would help me sleep. I don’t think that I really needed any help.


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