A day back at work has not affected where the needle is pointing on the scales. I didn’t expect it to but it would have been nice.


It is back to the same routine. There are a few new young faces on the train, freshly scrubbed and in clean clothes. I expect they are heading for their first full time jobs. It won’t take long for the newness of the commuting thing will wear off and they will become part of the trudging throng complaining about delays


All hopes about venturing outside at lunchtime were dashed against the rocky shores of meetings. It looked quite nice outside as well, I could have done with a walk


I was meeting my loved one in town this evening, the plan was for me to travel up and meet her. Normally there are plenty of trains heading in that direction but not this evening. A combination of electrical supply problems and emergency services attending an incident conspired to delay me by quite a while.


We met in a pub and had pulled pork smothered in a BBQ sauce and slapped on nachos. The sauce was surprisingly sweet. It was not a combination that I will be bothering with again


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