A quick stand on the scales revealed that nothing had changed since yesterday at the same time. This has been going on for a while now and I’m getting suspicious that the scales may be lying to me.


Loved one had to go to the hospital this morning for a check up on her finger, this meant catching the bus. As I never around during the day I have no idea when the busses are but luckily the web revealed all. It claimed there was one at about the right time. We turned up at the bus stop early, just in case the bus was early. And then we waited. School kids arrived, they waited. Adults arrived, they waited. Others arrived late and waited. Eventually I had to go to catch the train. I have no idea how long the waiting went on.


Some days I really have no idea what I should be doing. I often suspect that people mistake my outward confidence for competence. This worries me a lot. I’m really just muddling through on a combination of guesswork and luck. No one has, for a long time, ever explained clearly and succinctly what they expect me to do. They give odd hints and cryptic clues but never concrete direction. I live in the fear that one day they will realise that I’m not really as good as they expect me to be.


Mum is still having mobility problems after her operation but worse than that she is still having to suffer from Dad’s cooking. We offered to take a take takeaway round for tea tonight. Dad asked for Indian, Mum preferred Chinese. We took a small one of each, there was no point in compromise really. Loved one added a few bottles of Prosecco to the party. I had no doubt that my parents would have a good night’s sleep tonight.

Tow float

I got a text asking for a tow float to be returned so I left it hanging on Cate’s knob.


Before going to bed we had a final check through of the documents required for the next installment of “The Thing” in the morning. It was then I noticed that we might need one more letter. I wasn’t completely sure but as with all things “The Thing” related it was better to supply too much rather than too little. I quickly wrote the letter and signed it. I doubted it would be useful but put it in the sheath of documentation anyway.


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