We didn’t want to be late, being late was not an option. This was our only chance of getting this part of “The Thing” done. Any slip ups or mistakes here would have long term effects that would be difficult to reverse. That’s why we were up, awake, watered, showered and in the car by very early.


We arrived at our destination far too early safe it the knowledge that if we had left it later we could have spent a much longer time on the motorway and end up missing our appointment. We found a small café for breakfast. We were both nervous as we both knew how much rested on the next hour or so. The scrambled eggs, bacon and toast with tea tasted good but not good enough to take our minds off the interview. I didn’t realise quite how nervous I was until I went to the loo and deposited a pre-race poo. I was that nervous.


First they checked the paperwork. The first set was correct. The interviewer looked at the second set: she picked up the letter that I’d hastily written the night before and said “ah, that’s exactly what I need”. My stomach did somersaults and what if questions flooded my mind. The rest of the paperwork was in order. Then the interview. Loved one was first, I had to wait in the waiting room, there were chairs but no one sat down. Nervous pacing was the order of the day. That and reading the notice board which included a list of the most popular children’s names from 2014. My name was not in the top 50, I’m just so unfashionable. Eventually it was my turn. It was over in a flash, they were simple questions that were easy to answer if you weren’t a nervous wreck with no grasp of dates. Finally, loved one came pack into the room and we were handed to coveted piece of paper that we needed to continue on with “The Thing”. We also had a lot of planning to do for an event next year.


I was worried that things at work may have escalated whilst I was dealing with “The Thing”. I needn’t have worried; the office was like the Marie Celeste when I arrived. I just sat down and started doing things as if I’d be there all morning


After expending so much emotional energy on the thing I was useless. The tiredness hit me almost the moment I walked through the door. It was a very short evening and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow


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