I had a day off work today but I still had to endure the alarm at early o’clock as I had to get going. I needed to be in town this morning for the next installment of “the thing”. Hopefully this will be the last installment for a while. I was fortified by eggs and bacon made by my loved one.


Today I had to prove that I was medically sound. It started with a radiographer taking a picture of my chest. The last time I had an x-ray it was due to a broken collar bone. I remember it being very painful as they wanted to hold weights. This time was totally painless. They even gave me a copy of the picture to keep. This was followed by a consultation with the doctor. He did the height and weight thing whilst cheerfully telling me that BMI was at best misleading. We then did the eye test. I passed, which I take as meaning I have perfect eye site (that may be a slight misinterpretation of the results but I’m too vein to wear glasses). Finally, he took some blood. I really don’t like seeing a needle being poked into my skin so I didn’t watch. It didn’t hurt that much but I still have memories of passing out the last time I gave blood. The most painful thing was paying for the visit.


Loved one and I had a look around the local department store before heading to a café across the road. The good in the store were well presented but terribly expensive.


It was a miserable day so we headed up the road for a look around a Museum. It seemed to me like a load of stuff bunged in a big room with no coherent story. I was impressed by the sheer size of some of the exhibits, especially the spiral staircase.


We popped into a pub near the station for a bit to eat. We had the “sharing plate” of the fisherman’s platter. It was nice but not special.


We got to the train in time via a stop for Haribo and crisps only to wait an eternity for the driver to arrive. He turned up nearly twenty minutes late and then at the next station asked us all to get off as the powers that be had decided that our train would just miss our station. We had to wait for the next train. Even though the next train was only a few minutes behind there were a lot of mildly annoyed people standing on the platform.

Afternoon nap

The glorious thing about having a day off is that I can have an afternoon nap. An afternoon nap is a wonderful thing but this one was ruined by a phone call from my mother.


There are a lot of places to eat in the next village but I prefer to go to only one of them. It’s the curry house with the fish tanks. They really go overboard with the fish tanks. They are everywhere, between tables, under the floor and in one case the table is a fish tank. The toilets are pretty spectacular as well, they carry on the fish theme in a way that only a curry house can. The food is rather good too.


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