Yet again I was heavier. I don’t like this and now I’m starting to feel bulky. I preferred the thinner me of two months ago. At least I’m not hungry all the time. The Achilles tendonitis was back as well. This time it was a lot more painful. I put this down to the extra kilos I was carrying. The diet starts today with a bacon omelette.


The train today seemed emptier than usual. I just stared out of the window. I have a very real case of the Monday morning blues. I had no desire to go to work. My body was rebelling too, I could still feel the pain in my heal. Normally it had subsided by now.


I love the way people in far off committees make decisions that have no grounding in the detail and the fact of a situation. I was handed the verdict. It has substantially delayed a piece of work. No doubt I’ll be questioned about why the work was late by the same people who made the decision in a couple of months. Magically their decision will have nothing to do with the change in the delivery dates


I’ve returned to having couscous for lunch. High bulk, low calories, that sound help me shed the pounds.


Until about three I was all ready to go for a swim but then the headache came on, and the fatigue. Then my Achilles started hurting. Slowly the urge to go swimming melted away. By the time I got on the train I was fit for nothing


I remembered the password to my laptop. I can now deal with weeks’ worth of work e-mail on the other work account.

The Thing

I’ve uploaded more documents to the website, the thing is now back in the hands of the burocrats, something I have no control over.

Fru Chocs

It was going so well, I’d had salad for tea topped with some tuna and sweetcorn. Then I found the FruChocs. Day one of the diet was ruined and I went to bed feeling slightly queasy again. This was no way to start the new search for the normal BMI. I should have gone swimming.


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