At last, some good news, the needle is going in a southerly direction. I’m still heavier than I would like but that goes without saying. I celebrated with a very frugal scrambled eggs on toast. The days of sliced meat and cake for breakfast seem so far away now.


A group of school kids get on at the stop after mine. They are noisy and childlike and get off at the next stop. I usually ignore them the best I can. Today there seemed to be a lot of noise when they got off. The reason became obvious; they were intimidating a small boy and making him stay on the train. The doors had closed and the train was moving before I noticed so there was nothing I could do. I don’t like bullying; I see enough of it at work


Today seemed like a day of endless meetings or as the consultants like to call them “Workshops”. I really don’t like this term as it implies that something is actually being made. What I’m engaged in are endless long meetings which result in someone going away and writing the first draft of a document. This is followed by a period of being hounded to approve the document even though it is obviously flawed. Once it’s approved no one looks at it again. I’m not sure this counts as a product.


My Achilles have been giving me hell today. I’ve been limping round like someone with Achilles tendonitis. I decided on the way home that it would be silly to go out running tonight but I felt that I should do something due to my newly acquired layer of fat. I’ve not been on the bike trainer for a while and it seemed very lonely. I decide that a 40-minute threshold set would be about right, forgetting that I’d not been on the trainer for quite a while. I managed it but the last five minutes before the cool down seemed longer and more painful than everything that had come before. My legs were very wobbly when I’d finished


The normal routine of salad in the evening has resumed. Tonight the collection of cucumber, tomatoes and Lettice was topped with tuna and mayonnaise. The weight loss trail has begun, provided I ignore the half a dozen FruChocs that disappeared this evening


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