I’d rubbed baby oil on the tattoos, I’d slept in a tee shirt to keep the bed sheets oil free and now it was time to try and wash the tattoos off. My back up plan was to wear a black shirt. I think I got most of the numbers off, it was tricky to see in the mirror.


I’m amazed at my ability to wake up just before the station I need to get off at. The journey to work seemed to take no time at all.


We the supplier says “I don’t want to finger point or blame anyone” you know that they think they are at fault and they are trying to avoid the blame. I made it very clear that their latest bomb shell, which effectively pushes all of the project into next year. was a problem that they needed to solve, they can ask for as many approvals as they want but they had caused the problem, they needed to deal with the consequences. They felt the depth of my dissatisfaction.


I got home to an untidy kitchen, I wasn’t in the mood to do any training do I set about tidying up and making dinner. Today was day one of the coleslaw and potatoes. It was quite nice and easy to make. I followed it with raspberries and cream. I like raspberries and cream.


They called to me, I obeyed the call. I couldn’t help it. All the benefits of today’s frugal eating were negated by a handful or three of FruChocs. I’ll try harder tomorrow but the packed is now open.


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