It wasn’t an encounter I was looking forward to but after days of not doing it I stepped onto the scales to receive the bad news. Last night’s FruChoc moment had more that counteracted the benefits of swimming on Sunday. I was feeling a little too floppy in the middle and the scales confirmed it. I didn’t put butter on my toast this morning in the hope that this small act might in some way help the overall problem. Incremental gains or in this case incremental losses.


I got on the train and entered my own little world. I was quite happy there until a few stops down the line two women got on and sat in the same set of seats. They then started a character assassination of what seemed like all of their colleagues and most of their customers. It was amusing, entertaining and annoying in equal measures.


One of my colleagues left a packet of Haribo on my desk, they said they had had enough and that eating any more would make them fat. They left an open packet on my desk. It took 10 minutes for it to be an empty open packet. I couldn’t help myself. All they have done is move the making fat from them to me. I’m not happy about that.


I feel like I’ve got a cold coming on. I felt like it for the past few days. It’s making feel a bit lethargic.


I fully intended to get on the cycle trainer when I got home. I didn’t feel like it but I was going to do it. I got changed and set the bike up. It was all going well up to the point where I found that I’d forgotten to charge my watch up. It only took that one thing to dissuade me from peddling like fury and sweating madly.


I had coleslaw and boiled potatoes for dinner. It tasted OK but would have been better if I felt I deserved it. Then I started on the FruChocs. I feel I was suffering from catastrophic thinking. I’d had the Haribo at lunch time, I’d not cycled and I was feeling flabby, I’d gone this far I might as well finish off the chocolates. I’ll pay for this thinking in the morning


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