It needed to be done and I’d not got round to it the night before so after I’d avoided weighing myself and had a bacon Omelette I attacked the ironing pile. It felt a bit strange doing it first thing in the morning. I usually end up doing it last thing at night when I exhausted every possible distraction.


The fallout from yesterday continued with meetings after meetings. It was obvious that the old plan had to be thrown in the bin and that there was the possibility to salvage some of the work but we still had to go through the blame game and recriminations. It got quite painful as more and more consequences came to light. This project will not be finished by Christmas this year that much is certain. I wonder what else is going to appear soon.


I went out for a few beers after work. It started innocently enough with a noodle based meal but soon degenerated into beer drinking and putting the world to rights. I was quite drunk by the end.


I was on the last train home; it was nearly empty. There were just one or two people sleeping. Two people got off at my station and the one of them was me. I could hear footsteps behind me all the way home. He probably had an axe in the bag.


I had to comfort myself with a big slice of cake when I got home, once eaten it was straight to bed. I was a little worse for wear and lying down stopped the room moving.


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