The alarm went off at the usual time but I had no desire to get up. I’d had very little sleep and I knew that today I would be a little soft of thinking. I felt wobbly and bloated so I avoided the scales again. After last night a loss in weight would be a minor miracle.


Breakfast consisted of a cup of tea and the rest of the cake. I didn’t have the time or the inclination to have anything else. It wasn’t exactly the breakfast of champions; it was more like the breakfast of the also rans.


I got to the station at the usual time to find that the train had been delayed by a unspecified “problem”. The next one had been cancelled too. Eventually the train came in on the down line, so we all got on that as we knew there were a lot of people at the terminus and getting a seat after they get on would be difficult.


I had no desire to be at work, last night’s drinking and a missing few hours’ sleep conspired to remove the desire to even pretend to be engaged with what I do. It didn’t help that even more supplier problems came to light today and that they were the result of a decision only I seem to remember being made. My mood dropped another notch.


The day seemed to stretch to infinity but eventually it ended and I could get home. I had zero desire to deal with the pile of trivial tasks that had accumulated. Instead I sat on the sofa and closed my eyes. I opened them an hour later and after a period of readjustment took myself to bed. It was the only sensible thing I’d done all day.


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