I didn’t have to be up especially early this morning so I didn’t set the alarm, I remember looking at the clock and wondering why my body insists on waking at the normal time before closing my eyes and fast forwarding an hour and a half


I paid a visit to the scales on the way to the kitchen, nothing lost, nothing gained. As it was Sunday I decided to have poached on a ciabatta roll. I’m nothing if not predictable. Normally I cook the eggs in a little latex cup in the saucepan of boiling water. This time I put the lid on the saucepan. I realised that this is what I should have been doing all along, they cook so much more evenly and faster that way.


I met a man who was walking his dog. His dog looked almost exactly like a dog I used to own. We chatted for a while and the dog nuzzled my hand. This was too much like my old dog. I had to make my excuses and go or else I would have burst out crying


A few weeks ago I’d signed up for a local running race and today was the day. I knew it would be a good race by the number of baked goods on sale. The race was along the trails around the Chart, It barely touched a tarmac surface. A few people commented on who hilly it was but for me it was no hillier than my normal training run. I was quite happy with my time and as a bonus my Achilles wasn’t complaining too much, I expect that it will in the morning though. I rounded off the race with a large slice of cake and a cup of tea. I saved the bottle of beer they gave us at the end for later.


There were no showing facilities at the race HQ. That had to wait until I got home. I debated having a bath but decided against it as it was likely I would fall asleep and wake up in cold water. I took a very long shower instead. After the shower I headed to the bedroom and laid on the bed for a few minutes. It seemed like a few minutes but was in fact an hour and a half. I do like a little sleep in the afternoon


I rounded off the day with a bit of ironing. It’s not the best way to round off a weekend but a glass of whisky helped the situation. A least I now have a selection of flat shirts hanging up rather than a selection of crumpled shirts over the back of a chair.


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