The almost daily visit to the scales revealed that there had been no movement in my weight despite yesterday’s running. This might have something to do with the amount of cake I consumed afterwards. I celebrated the complete lack of movement with scrambled eggs on toast.


I sat with my back to the engine today and on the other side of the train. The view was completely different. I was surprised quite how different it was.


I was expecting today to be difficult but in the end it was quite relaxed. I had time in the morning to make plans and then I amused myself in the afternoon by attending a long meeting on a subject I was vaguely aware of. I suspect tomorrow will be different.


I needed a swim, I headed off to the pool and started ploughing up and down, after a while there was a whistle. I wondered who was in trouble. The whistle got louder. I stopped at the end of the pool as I was beginning to suspect I was in trouble. I didn’t know that they shut the pool at seven o’clock on a Monday for 15 minutes. If I come on a Monday again I should aim to be there a bit later.


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