It might have been dehydration after yesterday’s swimming but I didn’t care. The scales showed that I’d moved through a kilogramme boundary, I was now a whole kilogramme lighter. That made me happy. I made a bacon omelette to celebrate. I toyed with the idea of poached eggs but as it wasn’t the weekend I dismissed the idea as crazy thinking.


There was more bad news for the project today. It has hit the end of the track. No more work can be done until someone in management talks to someone else in management and they agree to do things to change the situation. It is unlikely that this will be quick so I’m left in limbo. I might take up knitting.


I had a session on the bike trainer this evening. The aim of the session was to stay within a range of heart rates. This set always starts easily and by the end gets rather painful. I set up my computer so that I could watch videos whilst I was spinning furiously. It took my mind away from the pain that built up in my legs. I was quite wobbly when I got off the bike.


Today was day two of the coleslaw and potatoes. It still tasted quite nice. Chips would have tasted better.


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