It was a struggle getting out of bed this morning. It took a good half an hour from the alarm going off to me venturing into the cold. It might be due to the last few days of exercise or it might be due to the approach of winter.


Another few hundred grams have gone missing and that is a good thing. I’m enjoying this downward trend as it makes me feel less wobbly. I had an omelette again as I feel this is a good way to celebrate weight loss.


I left the house at the normal time and caught the early train. I didn’t walk particularly fast; the early train was running late. It was so late that it missed some stations much to the annoyance of the commuters


I’m tired, I’ve been sitting in front of my computer and yawning like a thing that yawns a lot. I didn’t think that a little bit of cycling on a home trainer would have such a profound effect.


I was in two minds about going for a swim tonight. On one hand I was tired and going for a swim would only make the tiredness worse. On the other hand, I felt that not going for a swim when I had the opportunity would be a waste. There have been plenty of times when I’ve wanted to go swimming but something has come up to prevent me. I mulled over these options whilst eating far too much homemade blackberry jam on toast. In the end it was the consumption of toast and jam that swayed the argument in favour of swimming. I had to use those calories or my body will do its thing and create yet more fat in preparation for the lean times that are yet to arrive


I decided to do my usual threshold set, repeats at a set time per length. I had brought my swimming metronome with me to time the lengths. After a warm up I turned the device on and looked at the setting. It has been a been a while since I have done this particular set so I had forgotten the timings. The numbers that came up seemed a little slow so I adjusted them. This was a mistake. I nearly kept up with the beeps, nearly. It was far too fast to be called threshold though. For the next repeat I slowed it down a bit, it was still too fast. I went back to the original setting for all the rest, I put it all down to a failure of maths. I left the pool feeling happy and tired


I wasn’t feeling that hungry when I got home. It was rather late. What I should have done was had a light snack but I had the coleslaw and potatoes instead, mainly because it was there. I felt far too full after that.


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