I had no desire to get out of bed this morning. My limbs were feeling heavy after last night’s swimming and the evening exercise was catching up with me. I laid there for far too long before forcing myself out of bed and into the cold. The morning visit to the scales showed I’d gone back over the kilo boundary, gaining a kilo in effect. I wasn’t happy about this but rationalised it as a product of eating far too late, conveniently forgetting the contribution the toast and jam could have made. I’d run out of bacon so made scrambled eggs on toast. I should have done the washing up but owning to getting up late I left it in the bowl along with last night’s washing up. I left the kitchen looking messy.


I was doing mental maths on the way to the station this morning. It was triggered by the realisation that if you swim one length of a 25-meter pool in 25 seconds then you are swimming at one meter per second. This equates to swimming one hundred meters in one minute and forty seconds. It started to get tricky when I tried to work out how fast one meter a second was in kilometres per hour (about 3 and a bit) owning to seconds and minutes and other complications. I’m not sure that I worked it out correctly but at least I didn’t resort to a calculator.


Things have started settling down now, the focus of the finger of blame has moved away from my management so we can sit on the side lines and watch the punch up going on via e-mail. We all know that this won’t last for long but we are going to enjoy it whilst it does.


I had another session on the bike trainer tonight. I promised myself I would. I watched a couple of you tube videos whilst I peddled away trying to keep my heart rate constant. My legs were wobbly and heavy by the end of that. I feel that getting up in the morning is going to be a problem.


Today should have been the last of the coleslaw but it wasn’t. There is one potato and a little coleslaw left. I might not be eating coleslaw for quite a while. This does mean that I’m going to have to think of something else to eat during the week. Something that is low in calories and easy to prepare. If I can’t think of anything else by Saturday morning it might be coleslaw.


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