I made my usual visit to the scales to find that I was exactly the same weight as yesterday. It happens sometimes but I still find it strange. Yesterday I was lazy and ate a bit more, the day before I was energetic. I would have thought that it would make a difference, but apparently it doesn’t or at least not enough of a difference for my scales to notice. I used the last of the bacon to make a bacon omelette. I am going to have to think of something different to have for breakfast tomorrow.


The strike is still going so I can legitimately take a later train and stroll into the office later than normal without a tinge of guilt. The fact that some of my colleagues are “working from home” has made the office a very lonely place to be.


There was a constant stream of things to do today, this was good. It is a lot better than scratching round to find things to do. There were suitable periods of inactivity where I could also keep abreast of current affairs and glean knowledge from the internet


A friend of mine has been talking about building a bamboo bike. He sent me a link to a company in London that runs a weekend workshop to build a bike from bamboo. Out of curiosity I have sent them a mail asking if they have experience of building a trike from bamboo. It appears that they have. I feel that we will be entering phase two of the negotiations soon. I quite fancy the idea of riding around on a bamboo trike.


I left work on time today and the train was on time. There was no excuse to buy the large packet of crisps that I devoured in the few moments between purchase and the train arriving. I was totally underwhelmed by the shop assistant; she was more intent on fiddling with her phone than serving me.


I was back on the bike trainer tonight doing the same routine as last time. I peddled at a reasonable cadence and used the gears to keep my heart rate within limits. There was a lot of sweat but by the end I felt that this particular set was getting easier. It might actually be doing me some good. I would rather be running but I still have the pain in my heal, by not running I’m hoping it will have some time to sort itself out.


I really do lack culinary imagination during the week, I repeated the meal I had last night mainly because it was quick and easy to prepare. I still felt hungry after the salad but a packet of water biscuits came to the rescue. I justified my greed with the calories I had used torching myself on the bike trainer.


Thursday night is bin night; the rubbish needs to be put out for collection in the morning. Usually I don’t remember that until I’m tucked up in bed but today I didn’t have to get dressed again to put the bins out. It was a small victory but a victory all the same.


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