I’m still the same weight, this is four days in a row that I’ve been the same weight. Even after sitting on the trainer last night and having heavy aching legs to prove it I am still the same weight. I may eat something heavy today just for some variation.


I made scrambled eggs on toast today as I had used the last of the bacon. It’s a minor variation on the eggs for breakfast theme but at least it’s a variation. I really should think of something else to eat. There was a time when I thought about writing a book called “breakfasts of the universe” I might resurrect the idea to introduce a little variation into my breakfast routine.


The strike is over for this week so I was back to catching the normal train. Mine was running but the two after had been cancelled due to something to do with trains. On one hand I was glad my train was running but on the other I was a little aggrieved on missing out on the opportunity for another few minutes in bed. I get quite tired by Friday and a few extra moments in bed would have been lovely.


Friday is always a quiet day and today was quieter than normal. This gave me a chance to do a lot of little things that I had put aside for quiet times. I made a long list of little things and whistled though them at a rate of knots. The planning meeting at the end of the day brought an abrupt end to my productivity but at least it finished on time and I could escape at a reasonable hour.


I had my first German lesson in three weeks. That should have been enough time to do the home work and some additional study. I had of course found other things to do and ended up doing the homework in the brief period between coming home and leaving for the lesson. I really need to decide whether I want to carry on learning German. On one hand I want to maintain the skill but on the other I don’t use it much anymore and my motivation for learning is waning.


I dropped into the supermarket to get some food for next week as tomorrow is going to be busy. There is something strange and sad about a late night visit to a supermarket. I had isles to myself, shelf packers were preparing for the evenings work, most of the tills were close. It was almost eerie


I got home late and tired, I’d set the washing off before I’d left the house and now I had to hang it up. I really didn’t want to but the thought of it getting smelly if I left in in the machine drove me on. I often wonder what other people do on Friday nights. I’m sure it’s a lot more exciting than my Friday nights.


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