My day started with a chorus of coughing followed by the trumpeting of nose blowing. I’m still not well and I feel drained and tired. There really was little doubt that I would not be going to work today. I wandered down stairs, found I’d lost another kilo, most likely though mucus exhalation, and made myself a cup of tea. The noise outside reminded me that I hadn’t put the bins out. That was enough activity for me, I went back to bed


I woke up again somewhere near midday and took a shower. I just stood there and let the hot water tank empty over me. It was blissful right up to the point when the water went cold. I could have attempted to join the waking world at this point but I went back to bed.


I woke again mid-afternoon; I was feeling a little hungry so I finished off the couscous. I really do have to rethink my lunch options. I put the washing on and went back to bed. Today wasn’t going to be a productive day


I got up about five but didn’t feel hungry so instead I did a bit more of my Airfix model. After a while I lost the urge to carry on, mainly because the paint was so thin it didn’t cover very well. It may take a long time to finish the model and once done it may end up in the bin.


I put together a sardine salad, this is the first time I’ve eaten sardines since the unfortunate Thames related gastric event of a few months ago. I ate it with trepidation. I following it with bananas and cream, hoping that if it came up at least it would taste reasonable.


I’d done far too much; it was time to sleep.


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