I was woken up by my phone but didn’t have time to register what it was, get out of bed, go downstairs and answer it. I left it a while and then wandered down by way of the scales, finding that I’d again lost weight, made a cup of tea and then looked at my phone. Not many people ring me on a Saturday morning as I’m normally swimming. It could only be my Mum. I rang her back to tell her that I was alive and brimming with snot. She mentioned that they might be passing later on so they might pop in. I went back to bed.


I was woken by knocking on the door, it could only be my parents. I slipped some jeans on and let them in. Then I went back to the bedroom to get the rest of my clothes on. Mum had brought some food because I obviously can’t look after myself, if I could I wouldn’t be ill.


Mum and Dad didn’t stay too long as they didn’t want to catch anything. Dad is pretty vulnerable to bacteria at the moment due to his treatment. After they left I sat around for a while feeling ill. It was one thing to be ill during the week when I should be at work but another to be ill at the weekend when the time should be my own. The lawn needed cutting, I’ve not got a large lawn so I decided that it was going to be trimmed. I was exhausted after trimming the few square meters of lawn. I was still ill.

Food Shopping

I was running low on fresh food but more importantly I was running low on cat food. I could survive but if the cat wasn’t fed things could turn ugly. I headed to the supermarket only to turn back a few minutes later to pick up my wallet. Things weren’t going well. I had no enthusiasm for food today. I had a short list and bought the items on the list and not much else. By the time I’d finished the expedition I was fit for nothing. I sat on the sofa with a cup of tea feeling worn out.


Last weekend I’d taken some video of my niece and nephews playing in a swimming pool. As I wasn’t up to doing anything too physical I set about playing with some editing software to cut the hours of video down to a few minutes and to add music. It took a while to find all the decent clips and the music I’d selected made the whole thing have a rather sinister feel but in the end, I was quite pleased with the result. Now I’ve just got to work out how to send the clip to my sister.


I couldn’t face the prospect of cooking the pie that was in the emergency food parcel so I had a salad instead. I washed it down with a few beers and then headed off to bed. It had been another highly unproductive day.


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