I’m still the same weight and it didn’t change whilst I had a shower. It has been three days in a row now without fluctuation. I had a bacon omelette to celebrate. It was the last of the bacon so it will be the last bacon omelette of the week.


My stretches weren’t as painful today, this could be a sign. I hoped it was a sign. I tried out my voice too, it was still deep and gravelly. I sounded rough and didn’t feel much better.


There was only one other person on the platform when I arrived, normally there are a lot more. It was quite surreal.


There was a major incident going on at work when I arrived. There was nothing I could do to help so I hid in the corner and kept out the way. It seemed better than getting in the way of people who could actually do something about the problem.


I like to finish reading at the end of a chapter. When I get to the start of a chapter I see how long it is and which station is next. from that I can usually judge if it is worth starting the next chapter. I got it wrong this evening. Much to my disgust there was a page and a half left until the end of the next chapter.


Another day another salad, the same salad as yesterday. I’ve used up all the tomatoes now so tomorrows salad will not be the same, it might not even be a salad. I staved off the hungers with a bit of cheese.


I decided to measure the stack and reach on my bikes this evening after reading yet another article on bike geometry


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