Finally, after the three day streak my weight has changed, even better new is that it’s gone down. This made my morning scrambled eggs taste even better that normal.


The platform was deserted again today. Where has everybody gone? I’m starting to get the feeling that there is a national holiday that no one has told me about.


I got to near the end of the book on the journey to work today. The whole tone was a wrapping up of events. I was frustratingly close to the end when I came to my stop. I toyed with the idea of staying on the train but that would have been silly.


My entire morning was taken up with meetings. At least most of them were face to face and not hard to follow teleconferences. My voice is still eluding me so participation in meetings is somewhat problematic.


The train was delayed by eight minutes giving me a legitimate reason to consume a large packet of crisps. I felt no guilt as I had lost weight this morning.


It took me two stops to finish the book. I then felt at a bit of a loss. I filled the void by fiddling with my phone, much the same as nearly everyone else around me. Everyone else except the two boys opposite who were playing with a pair of toy handcuffs and discussing who at school they could beat up. They didn’t look like the sort who would beat up anybody. If anything they looked the sort that would show trouble a clean pair of heels.


I finished off the last of the salad tonight, I had it with some sardines as that was all I had in the cupboard. I Still felt hungry after that but a piece of blue cheese took those feelings away.


I’ve got to the end of my “things that need to be attended to in the evening” list. It’s a strange feeling, not having anything to do in the evening. That’s the problem with recovery, it takes away the training that I would have been doing in the evening but doesn’t replace it with anything.


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