I’ve lost more weight today, now I’m back to my peak Illness weight of last Friday. Even though it wasn’t Sunday I made poached eggs on toast for breakfast.

Dress down

It is a dress down day at work today which means I can dispense with the suit. The problem is then deciding what to wear. Jeans are almost compulsory but what should I wear on top. I still have to maintain a certain amount of tidiness but the things I would wear outside of work don’t jump that hurdle. I don’t do smart casual, it’s either smart of casual. There is no in-between. I settled on a clean shirt.


As I walked into work I felt the familiar anticipation I get on dress down days. Had I got the right day, was everybody else dressed down. The anticipation disappeared when I saw all the early people were clad in jeans.


I have a review meeting on a Friday, it starts at three thirty and is scheduled for an hour. I’ve tried to move it as a overrun can bite into my Friday evening but so far I have failed. Today’s meeting overran enough to mean that I missed my usual train. I don’t like this meeting.


I had a half an hour between arriving at the house and having to leave. In that time I managed to fill myself with sardines on toast, get changed, find my German homework, find my car keys, drink tea, make a shopping list, drink more tea, eat a cheese sandwich and leave the house at the right time to take into account the road works on the way to my German lesson. I felt quite smug about that.


Every time I have a German lesson I feel like I know less and less German. Today was not an exception. I know the theory on how to form the past tense and when I’m writing I can usually make a fair stab at it but when it comes to talking I pay scant regard to any of that and plough on in the present tense. Having no voice didn’t help the smooth running of the lesson either


I went home via the supermarket to buy the meagre bundle of produce that will keep me alive over the next week. That bundle captained a suspiciously large amount of chocolate. I’d noticed that the smaller bars were cheaper per one hundred grams that the bigger bars that were on special offer. I could have had one large bar but I went for the four small bars instead, more chocolate for cheaper. I had another smug moment.


The remainder of my evening was very short. I drank tea, ate chocolate and fell asleep.


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